The Grand Transverse of the Hammer

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The Tithe of the Warrant

The first journey of the Bridge Crew of “The Hammer” is the task that [[:Fortunis] must complete to fulfill his Warrant of Trader. The Danrex System, has been incommunicado with its Segmentius Command for nearly three centuries. The Segmentius Commander is afraid that the System has gone rogue, no longer paying tribute the Immortal God Emperor. More importantly, it has not tithed to the Imperium of Man for the entire span of those three centuries.

Rogue Trader Fortunis has been given command of a Imperial Navy cruiser “Starcrusher”, in addition to "The Hammer of Saint Johnston. Starcrusher has a full Imperial Guard regiment stationed on board, along with Lance orbital strike capabilities.

Rogue Trader Fortunis after receiving a less than gracious greeting decides to show the wayward system the full might of the Imperium. Accembling his Bridge Crew, he lands in the Planetary Capital with the command battalion of his bequeathed regiment. After parading to the Governor’s Palace the crew finds that Danrex hinds secrets of vast wealth. The Planetary Governor still being obstinate Jorn uses the power of the machine spirits to retrieve the missing data from the planets computers while Guardsmen enter the complex unopposed.

The Righteous Arm of the Emperor coming down around him, the planetary governor yields, begging to meet the Captain in private. Refusing, with faith in his new crew Fortunis demands that the whole story be told to his Bridge Crew in its entirety. The Secrets of Danrex are divulged: on an planet on the system, one thought to be uninhabitable they found a damaged STC. They have spent the past two centuries trying to unlock its secrets. The governor offers The Crew a deal, do not report the find to the Imperium and in return they will have a portion of its spoils.


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